House Cleaning

11 Feb

After my failed attempt of making Cook’s Illustrated’s Wine Braised Pork Chops, I decided to lay low on making complex dishes. Ben and I moved into our current home a year and a half ago. We have an (as much as I hate to admit it) abandoned blog over on Blogger that we started when we first moved in and documented our daily home improvements. Like most everyone else, we did it to share with family and friends. I took a peek at it again and I must say, we did a great job capturing all of those moments. I consider it a modern alternative to scrap-booking. We’ve started many little projects around the house but haven’t completed them. One of them being the kitchen but we’ll get to that later. Between work and everything else, our home can get majorly cluttered where at any given point a photo is snapped, it captures an eye-sore somewhere in there.

I decided to do something about it one corner at a time. I began with our main bookshelf in the living room. Here is the before shot:

It doesn’t look so bad in the picture but from the outside looking in, it looks scattered and unorganized.

This is what you see at eye level: books, a Swiffer duster, magazines, frames w/o real pictures, miscellaneous figurines, a light bulb, and DVD’s.

Lower level: Cords, camera, CD’s, pots, vases, stuffed animals, a toy car in a box, random large book on dogs.

My sorting method:

  • Moved all DVD’s, CD’s, chargers, cameras, and cords into the entertainment system drawer. To think that all this time we had an enormous empty drawer!
  • Self-help and “For Dummies” books went into the office… I need to clean the office, too.
  • Empty plant pots and vases to the garage.
  • Stuffed animals into the linen closet.
  • The blue fish figurine is now used as a rubberband keeper in a kitchen drawer.
  • Frames with random pictures also went into the entertainment drawer (for now).
  • I put the Swiffer duster away where it belongs- in the laundry room cleaning closet.
My organizing method:
  • Cookbooks and vibrant Travel books placed at eye level for easy access. Books are arranged by type and then by height.
  • Larger books and magazines lay horizontally for character.
  • Small sentimental figurines- wooden bench & a puppy (given by my biological mother & my parents at different times but coincidentally compliment each other very well!) were left on display as a nice change of scenery from the books.
  • Porcelain flying pig placed on the highest shelf, out of reach, and as a statement piece. It casts a really nice shadow, too.
  • Ben made the snowboarding figurine in a jewelry making class back in college. It was used as a filler piece for the lower shelf but he later moved it higher so that Ollie, our Doberman puppy, wouldn’t destroy it.
I don’t find it necessary to fill every inch of empty space. Especially since our living room is small and quaint. I like a good mix of simple, eclectic, and clean. Did you notice the iRobot charger at the very bottom? It’s my new best friend.


Something relaxing to look at.

Eye level

Ahhhhhhhhh so much better!

I’ve got a head start on spring cleaning already.


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