Hi, I’m Ina. I’m 27 years old as of launching this blog. I live in the great NW with my loving boyfriend, Ben, and our dogs, Titus, Chip, and Ollie. My favorite food is easily pizza and chocolate covered gummy bears. My drink of choice is Coke with a fresh lemon wedge!

I’ve been cooking actively for the past three years. You might think “A food blogger who has only been cooking for three years?” I promise I’m here with much ambition & curiosity!

My goal is to become a well-seasoned cook and have fun with it. At Kitchen Temptations you’ll find:

  • relatable moments
  • tips & tricks
  • kitchen & food related thoughts
  • recipes
  • reviews
  • scrumptious food pics- I’m still learning camera tricks.
  • and much more!

I initially started off having an uncommitted relationship with cooking. It was such a hassle to make anything when my kitchen lacked basic tools & ingredients. Or worse, when a recipe fell through *sob* (and they still do sometimes). Months would go by without cooking from despair but every time I came across an inspiring food blog, or saw Ina Garten and Giada graciously whip up a meal on Food Network, I became a believer again. I slowly invested myself and found cooking to be enjoyable and couldn’t get enough of it! I got over the struggles that held me back many times before. I still get upset over failed recipes but the difference is that I know how to move past it. Even if that means a day of no cooking and eating out for 3+ meals straight.

I prefer quality over cheap ingredients. Mainly with produce, meat, and eggs. But sometimes you just have to work with what you can afford and sometimes the ingredient doesn’t matter whether it’s generic or a brand name. But let me tell you, cooking at home is the healthiest (and probably cleanest) meal you’ll get without sacrificing your wallet. We hardly ever eat pre-packaged frozen foods, instant foods, preservative filled foods, fast foods, and processed foods. We all know they’re convenient, cheap, and contain unnatural things that allow them to be. I’m trying to eliminate that group overall but it’s almost impossible given the generation we live in. Plus, it’s hard to give up Flaming Hot Cheetos for good.

I’m intrigued by anything food related. Cookbooks, blogs, tv shows, discussions, cookware, eating, cooking, and even listening to food related programs broadcasted on NPR radio (those are the best!). I want to channel everything FOOD from me to, well, this blog. Enjoy!


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